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6 June 1989
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Well, hello there, i'm Laura, as slightly crazy but fun teenager with much to time on my hands. I am a Senior in High School, soon to graduate, and with great ambitions and goals for the future, which include going to college and graduating with a degree in English Literature and Communications so I can, hopefully, be a journalist some day.
I enjoy various fandoms, from Harry Potter and Shakespeare to Superman and X-Men. Harry Potter, though, is my life and passion, I am slightly obsessed about it, and I love Daniel Radcliffe (AKA Harry himself). I consider myself an artist in various ways; I write, I sing and I act.
And...that's pretty much it, I hope you enjoy my journal. =)

Well, this is the place where I'll post my ramblings and thoughts on my life. I don't promise to post everyday, especially when i'm in school, but i'll try my best to update every few days. Here you'll find ramblings, thoughts, important events in my life and maybe even some reviews of movies or books. Though if you want to read my written work, meaning more reviews, fanfiction, essays and maybe even poems, you can go to my Creative Dump AKA my other journal: lumoslumiere . =)


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