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Dear Warner Brothers:

If you believe that by postponing the release date of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is a good decision, I must contact you and let you know that you are wrong. I would like to know the REAL reason why such a huge franchise and long awaited movie is having a release date change only 3 months before the original release date of the movie. You state that you wish to have a bigger opening, writters strike, etc., but I believe none of this reasons. The movie has a bigger chance of making more at the box office on it's original release date and, as the strike has been over for a while now and filming is done, I don't see why the strike should affect a release date. I hope you realize that by doing this you are losing many loyal viewers and especially money instead of gaining these two aspects. This is not only about the money, we fans could care less about that. All we want to see is the story we love on the big screen.
I am completely dissapointed with the decisions the company has taken with the movie and I hope you will listen to all the fans pleas to return the film to it's original release date.


PS/ Screw you! XD
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